Victoria Blatterman Helps Accident Victims Restore Their Lives

December 20, 2018
Those looking to find Victoria Blatterman these days will discover her doing a lot of important work as a law clerk with personal injury firm George Sink, PA Injury Lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina. The Sink Firm is considered among the best firms in the region. The main mission of Victoria Blatterman and the Sink firm is to assist injured parties with the recovery of as much of their lives as possible following an accident, in addition to recover as much compensation as is necessary from the party or parties responsible for those damages and losses, including medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of consortium and many other things that are often caused in such accidents.

Victoria Blatterman and the attorneys she works with deal with the insurance adjusters and the other side's attorneys, so the victim doesn’t have to. She also arranges for medical help for accident victims, so she helps in that way, also. Victoria grew up and went to school in Charleston and she loves her community. Now, she helps her community by making sure injured accident victims are made whole following a terrible accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence.

Victoria Blatterman Like to Fight to Make Accident Victims Whole

June 15, 2018
Regardless of their injuries, Victoria Blatterman is well aware that accident victims are often entitled to compensation for the healthcare they need to get back to work and to get their life back to where it was before the accident. That means they are often entitled to compensation for lost work or other lost income. Unfortunately, getting the money they may be entitled to often means working out a settlement with insurance companies or other parties with deep pockets, lots of lawyers and no desire to pay anything. Accident victims can’t handle that on their own; they need a law firm on their side to help them get a settlement that meets their needs going forward.

The party or parties who were negligent should have to pay for everything the injured party needs to get their life back on track. That is why it is possible to find Victoria Blatterman working at George Sink, PA Injury Lawyers, in Charleston, South Carolina these days. There, she works as a law clerk on a legal team whose mission is to fight for seriously injured or disabled victims of any type of accident cause by someone else. Anyone who has been seriously injured due to someone else's negligence shouldn't have to pay more than they can afford to recover.